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Parade of Clubs


History of The Parade of Clubs

April 7, 2023

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is my prayer and hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Each year has been incredibly challenging and unprecedented, yet God continually blesses Tuskegee University. The Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club (ATAC) needs your support. Each year we provide a monetary donation to the Tuskegee National Alumni Association’s Annual Parade of Clubs Campaign. The Parade of Clubs is a friendly competition among the Tuskegee National Alumni Association regions, local clubs, Tuskegee professional organizations, fraternities and sororities. The competition has one goal and that is to raise money for Tuskegee University.

“The rich history of the Parade of Clubs dates back to 1992 during the TNAA presidency of Arrilla Della McZeal. During national conventions, she would make impromptu appeals to delegates to make monetary donations to Tuskegee University. From that act, Willie Shellman, past 3rd Vice President of TNAA introduced a formal giving event appropriately named the Parade of Clubs. The first event began in 1996 with national convention delegates and alumni that were not attending the convention giving as alumni clubs. What a visionary idea! The first Parade of Clubs event yielded $180,000.”

This year our goal is $18,000.00. Give to what you love most at Tuskegee. With every gift made, it is you who decides how it will be put to use. Whether it's supporting a specific college or department, General Fund, Residence Halls, Golden Voice Choir, or your favorite Golden Tiger Athletic team, your gift can be directed to any area of campus that matters most to you. Please consider making a gift today and help shape the future of Tuskegee University for generations to come. ATAC encourages all donors to give all or a portion to the General Fund. Giving to the General Fund boosts the percentage of total alumni giving. This will help Tuskegee University secure more funds from corporate donors. Please complete the attached form. Make donation by credit card, check, or money order.


Please make check or money order payable to Tuskegee University and designate in the FOR section your choice where you want your donation to go. Please mail all by July 11, 2023 to:

P.O. Box 5187 Augusta, GA. 30916

Take care and be kind to one another,

William (Bill) Cherry, Jr. (706) 833-4099

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