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Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club

The Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club was established in 1967 for the purpose of promoting Tuskegee University Legacy: KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE across the CSRA.
The Tuskegee Alumni Oath 

We the graduates of Tuskegee University, are conscious of our obligations to be both Faithful followers and dependable leaders. Joining the thousands of Tuskegee Alumni, we commit ourselves to be worthy sons and daughters of our Alma Mater; to realize in Ourselves high standards of integrity and competence; to fulfill in ourselves her tradition of unselfish service to mankind; to give liberally of our time, talents, and financial support to assure her continued viability; and in the near and distance future, we will meet life’s challenges with courage and dignity.

Pay Your Membership Dues

Greetings Tuskegee Alumni!

Our ATAC annual goals are to increase active alumni membership, increase the dollar amount and number of scholarships that we award, and to cover administrative expenses. ATAC is soliciting your support as a Tuskegee Alumnus/Alumna to continue your patronage, by giving $110.00 membership dues  and a minimum of $100.00 towards our scholarship campaign due by December 31, 2024 (total $210.00 minimum).


Please visit our website to submit payments using debit/credit card, ApplePay or PayPal, additionally you can make checks payable to ATAC and mail them to the:

Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club 

P.O. Box 5187 

Augusta, GA 30916. 


We appreciate your support and look forward to working with every Tuskegee Alumni!



Kendra Carter

Kendra Carter, President

Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club

Please include a $6.39 convenience fee for Debit/Credit Card, ApplePay & PayPal payment transactions

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